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why is a Sealy® mattress right for you?

Every day. Every mattress. Every sleeper. For over 140 years, Americans have chosen Sealy® for comfort and quality they can trust.

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Shop the Sealy Posturepedic® Plus Collection, Available At Denver Mattress

The Sealy Posturepedic® Plus Collection features the best-quality specialty foams, highest level of support, most advanced motion-absorbing coils, and all-over cooling comfort for the deep, relaxing sleep you need to take on tomorrow.

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  • Spring

    The innerspring mattresses offer exceptional full-body support with ease of movement for a responsive, sleep-on-top-of-the-mattress feeling. The Sealy® coil design promotes proper alignment and supports you while you sleep, so you can wake up ready to take on the day.

    Sealy Posturepedic® Plus Spring Mattress Exploded View
  • Hybrid

    Sealy® was among the first to create the hybrid, pairing the best qualities of innerspring and memory foam mattresses to deliver best-of-both-worlds comfort. Carefully engineered coils adapt and support every part of your body, while specialty foams conform and cushion for your most comfortable night’s sleep.

    Sealy Posturepedic® Plus Hybrid Mattress Exploded View