Better Sleep Guarantee Better Sleep Guarantee

Taking the guesswork out of finding the perfect mattress

Here at Denver Mattress, we know that better sleep leads to a better life. That's why we've dedicated over 20 years to creating new, innovative ways to make buying the perfect mattress easier and more convenient for you; like using the latest scientific methods in our custom fitting process, to ensure the right match, and our 365 Day Better Sleep Guarantee.

Now, we're introducing Sleep Animalzzz™, a super easy and fun way to find and buy your perfect mattress online. Each Sleep Animal represents a different sleeping profile, and pairs with a mattress style and firmness that will best fit you. You can even create a personalized comfort layer, that can be updated as your sleep needs change over the years, for a fraction of the cost of buying a new mattress.

You Find Your Sleep Animal

We Build Your Custom Mattress

We Ship It To Your Home

How to unpack your sleep animal

1. Unpack

Remove your customized support and comfort layer from the box (this is easiest with two people).

2. Unroll

Unroll your mattress in the location you plan to use it. Fasten the connectors, to secure your comfort and support layers together.

3. Let It Breathe

Your bed is ready to sleep on in 2 hours! It will fully decompress after a few days.

What makes a Sleep Animal?

Comfort Layer

A unique formulation of foam, that contours to your body, while still allowing ease of movement and breathability.

Support Layer

A responsive foundation of high-density foam, that offers customizable firmness, for individualized comfort and support.

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