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Overlander® Rooftop Tent Mattress

By Denver Mattress
$469 - $599
By Denver Mattress
$469 - $599

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Overlander® Rooftop Tent Mattress
Sleep as comfortable in the wilderness as you do at home
Product Description

Due to its popularity, the Overlander Rooftop Mattresses in ALL are on a slight delay. Order now to reserve your mattress or call 1-866-372-4642 for more details.

Denver Mattress® has several employees that are outdoor enthusiasts. Introducing the Overlander® Mattress by Denver Mattress®. This mattress was designed to give the comfort of a standard house mattress, but with flexibility and features rooftop tents need.

We asked the car camping and overland community to tell us what they wanted in a mattress. The top requests were comfort, weight, moisture resistance, easy fold capability, and washable material. We started with these and added some more as we tested.

  • Comfort: High-density foam with a gel top layer and an insulated base layer to stop temperature transfer from rising or dropping outside temperatures.
  • Moisture Resistance: The mattress cover is water-resistant and outperforms the anti-condensation mats we tried.
  • Weight: We based the weight of this mattress on standard rooftop tent mattresses currently on the market. The Overlander Mattress features a functional yet form-fitting weight to help keep the center of gravity low on off-road vehicles.
  • Foldable: All mattress materials from the cover to the interior of the mattress have the easy foldable function required for a rooftop tent. We worked with a team at Tepui tents until we got the perfect fold.
  • Stays Clean: Built with an easy-to-clean mattress cover so that dirt, dust, mud, mist, and pet hair can be cleaned off with ease.

Additional Features

  • Built-in, crawl-in pad to help protect your knees
  • Zippered cover that can be easily removed and washed
  • Reduced pinching and ripping in the fold process with a tucked, seam-in center and mechanism cutout
  • Temperature stabalized foam, does not harden in cold or soften in hot weather

*This product has limited availability and a longer manufacturing process to ensure handmade quality. Due to the timely nature of creating fine-crafted mattresses by hand, Overlander Mattresses™ will be only be produced in small quantities.

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Approximate Mattress Dimensions:
Overlander® 1.2: 82" L x 47.5" W x 3.25" H
Overlander® 1.4: 92.5" L x 53.5" W x 3.25" H
Overlander® 1.8: 92.5" L x 69.5" W x 3.25" H

Fitting the Overlander Mattress to Your tent

The Overlander Mattress has three sizes that fit many of the most popular rooftop tents.

Below are common tents that one of our three Overlander models will fit:

  • 23Zero 56" W x 96" L
  • 23Zero 62" W x 96" L
  • 23Zero 72" W x 96" L
  • 23Zero 87" W x 96" L
  • ARB 55" W x 94.5" L
  • ARB 55" W x 95" L
  • Boulia 47.2" W x 94.5" L
  • Bundutec 49" W x 78" L
  • Bundutec 59"W x 78"L
  • Cascadia Vehicle Tents 48" W x 96" L
  • Cascadia Vehicle Tents 56" W x 96" L
  • Cascadia Vehicle Tents 72" W x 96" L
  • Cascadia Vehicle Tents 87" W x 96" L
  • Darche 55" W x 94" L
  • Front Runner 51" W x 96" L
  • Go FSR 49" W x 83 " L
  • Go FSR 55" W x 83" L
  • Go FSR 55"W x 98" L
  • Go FSR 63" W x 98"L
  • Go FSR 80"W x 98" L
  • HIT 56" W x 96 "L
  • HIT 72" W x 96" L
  • iKamper 74.8" W x 82.6" L
  • Jalama 56" W x 96" L
  • Odin Designs 43" W x 96" L
  • Odin Designs 56" W x 96" L
  • Odin Designs 76" W x 96" L
  • Overland Pros 56" W x 96" L
  • Overland Pros 76" W x 96" L
  • Rincon 56" W x 96" L
  • Roofnest 46" W x 80" L
  • Roofnest 55" W x 81" L
  • Roofnest 55" W x 82" L
  • Roost 57" W x 90.5" L
  • Smittybilt 55" W x 92" L
  • Smittybilt 75" W x 92"L
  • Tepui Tents 48" W x 84" L
  • Tepui Tents 56" W x 96" L
  • Tepui Tents 72" W x 96" L
  • TJM 55" W x 125" L
  • Yulara 40cm W x 120cm L

Manufacturer: Denver Mattress
Features: Made in the USA

Quilt Layer:
Removable, zippered cover with a water-resistant and anti-microbial finish

Comfort Layer:
1” high-density gel foam topper for pressure relief

Support System:
2” firm high-density foam base for added support

Base layer:
Insulated for temperature regulation throughout the night
½” densified fiber pad (to assist in wicking away moisture)

Foot of the Mattress:
3.25” firm high-density foam seating area at the foot of the mattress to assist in climbing in and out of the tent or putting on boots

**Denver Mattress uses only Earth Friendly Foams in all of our mattresses

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