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Give the Gift of Water

The Water Effect is a Bright Future

Globally, one person in nine lacks access to clean water. Each day some 1,600 children under the age of five die from illness related to contaminated water, poor sanitation, and inadequate hygiene. Such a dire need inspired Denver Mattress to partner with World Vision, the single largest provider of clean water to the developing world. By specifically targeting these critical areas, World Vision now provides access to clean water to one new person every 30 seconds.

These efforts bring hope and a future to those who now must walk for hours each day in search of water for themselves, their families, and communities. This daily quest is fraught with danger, especially for children. And the water found often comes from contaminated sources that breed life-threatening diseases.

"Clean water can be the difference between life and death for many children," said Dr. Greg Allgood, the World Vision vice president overseeing all water efforts. A crucial aspect of Dr. Allgood's work includes building strategic alliances with corporations, foundations, and individuals. "We are grateful for the generosity of Denver Mattress and the patronage of its customers. Together, we will bring hope as well as clean water to many children and families."

Filling Canteen for Drinking WaterCrowd of Onlookers Gather to Meet the VissersMark Visser plays with Antsokia Valley KidsMark Visser Shows Water Before and After in EthiopaWoman fills an old Diesel Can with WaterWater Kiosk in Kenya That World Vision Helped Install

"Denver Mattress' partnership with World Vision just entered its second year. Our customers and employees alike have found it incredibly rewarding to know that tens of thousands now have access to clean water because of their participation in this program." - Dan Visser, President of Denver Mattress

Changing lives with the gift of clean water is not a bad way to spend a year!

Violet's Story

In a remote Zambian village, little Violet walked 2 miles, three times each day to get water for her entire family. "Every morning I am up before the sun," said Violet; she made the daily journey while dreaming of going to school, and of a better life. Even still, after hours of walking to collect water, Violet and her family were not out of harm's way. With every sip, shower, and usage of the water, they risked serious illness from contamination.

Today, with World Vision's help, Violet no longer treks to get water. World Vision established a clean running well right in Violet's village. Now, free from the burden of finding water daily, and without the horrible consequences of unclean water, Violet is able to plan for a future in school, and to live her childhood. "My suffering ended today," Violet said of the well installation.

Violet's story of transformation and hope is shared across the world; when communities in need are given access to clean, safe water, they are able to survive, and thrive. Beyond installing wells like the one in Violet's village, Word Vision establishes and trains water committees at well sites. These committees of local residents are trained in simple maintenance of the wells to establish a sense of community ownership, and to ensure sustainability of the water points for years to come.

Get Involved

Want to join the clean water effect? Your pledge to World Vision can bring life-giving water to communities in need for as little at $17/ month. Want to make your next mattress purchase count? Shop Denver Mattress and for each bed purchased, one person will get clean water for one year.

You and Denver Mattress: Bringing Lasting Change With the Gift of Clean Water

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