Bed Hook Kit

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Bed Hook Kit
By Fashion Bed Group AC-DUBH

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Bed Hook Kit

By Fashion Bed Group

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Bed Hook Kit

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Standard Foundation

The 9" solid state foundations are paired with our standard mattress sets, to provide the ultimate support and durability.

Low Profile Foundation

Same construction as the Standard Foundation, but at 5 ½" the Low Profile Foundation helps create a more comfortable height for greater ease of getting in and out of bed.

Mini Foundation

To keep the mattress from sagging between slats on platform beds, we suggest using our 2 ½" hardwood Mini Foundations.

Ergo & Adjustable Bases

These Ergo or Adjustable Foundations are made for ultra flexibility, moving up or down under your head and knees for a customized sleep experience.

Space Base

A 14" tall platform frame supports the mattress directly while also providing extra storage underneath the bed.

Split Queen Foundation

Is a Stanard Foundation (see above) split in two for moving into your home with tight spaces, hallways or staircases.


22.99 $2299

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Bed Hook Kit

Convert your bolt-on frame to a hook-on style

This bed hook kit was designed to be installed as shown in the picture. The hooks are designed to point up. If the hooks are pointed down, it will raise the height of the bed considerably. A sturdy frame, with legs, should be used to support the weight of the mattress.

Additional Information

2 complete kits are required if you will need to attach a headboard and a footboard.


Kit includes 2 bed hook brackets, 4 small bolts, 4 washers and 4 nuts.