Comfort Tech Traditional Pillow

By Carpenter PI-CASETRJ

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Comfort Tech Traditional Pillow

By Carpenter



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Standard Foundation

The 9" of steel modular Standard Set Foundations are used for our standard mattress sets to provide the ultimate support and durability.

Low Profile Foundation

The Low Foundation uses 5 ½" of a steel modular foundation to set the mattress at a more comfortable height for greater ease of getting in and out of bed.

Mini Foundation

To keep the mattress from sagging between slats on platform beds, we suggest using our 2 ½" hardwood Mini Foundations.

Ergo & Adjustable Bases

These Ergo or Adjustable Foundations are made for ultra flexibility, moving up or down under your head and knees for a customized sleep experience.

Space Base

A 14" tall platform frame supports the mattress directly while also providing extra storage underneath the bed.

Split Queen Foundation

Is a Stanard Foundation (see above) split in two for moving into your home with tight spaces, hallways or staircases.

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Comfort Tech Traditional Pillow

A Foam Pillow for all Sleeping Positions

The Comfort Tech Traditional Pillow is designed for ideal comfort no matter your sleeping position — stomach sleeper, back sleeper, or side sleeper. Feel the specialized pressure relief that comes from serene foam, compared to memory foam. Serene foam pillows have lower peak pressure, which helps to reduce pressure on critical areas of the neck and head. Wake up refreshed after sleeping on a pillow that helps you relax and stay comfortable. The Comfort Tech Traditional Pillow is not temperature sensitive, meaning the materials offer advanced heat release to create a consistent feel regardless of how warm or cool the room temperature is. The cool touch, zippered cover on this foam pillow is removable and washable, helping you to maintain this pillow and sleep comfortably.

Made in the USA.

Additional Information

Machine Washable Cover

5 Year Limited Warranty

Pillow Sizes*:
Jumbo: 20 W x 28 L

*All Dimensions in Inches