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You're never far from a bargain at Furniture Row, where we line up the latest in beautiful designs and complete home furnishings at one convenient location. Sign up in-store and you will recieve Reward Certificates issued monthly based on qualifying balances.

Join now by visiting your local Furniture Row Store and earn 50 bonus points.
It's Fast, Easy, Free, and Available at all Furniture Row Stores.

Benefits at a glance:

  • Free To Join
  • No Purchase Necessary
  • Earn One Point for Every Dollar You Spend1
  • Every 1,000 Points Earns a $50 Reward
  • Receive 50 Bonus Points for Joining
  • Special Birthday Bonus2
  • Additional Bonus Points2

1Points are earned on subtotal, taxes and delivery excluded.
2Be on the lookout for promotional emails stating when these will be available.

Manage Your Rewards Account Online.

Once activated you can view your profile and current balance totals.3
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3If you have not registered your account please see FAQs below for more information about your login and account setup.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is required to join Rewards @Furniture Row?

Rewards at Furniture Row is free to join and no purchase is necessary.

What is a sign-up bonus?

All customers who join Rewards at Furniture Row receive 50 "Bonus Points" just for signing up.

How does Rewards at Furniture Row point system work?

Rewards members earn one "Reward Point" for every dollar spent on qualifying purchases. Reward Points expire two years from their purchase date.

Can members lose Reward Points?

One Reward Point for every dollar will be deducted from members' accounts in cases of refunds, exchanges of lesser amounts, price adjustments, and the like.

What is a Reward Certificate?

Rewards members receive a $50 "Reward Certificate" for every 1000 points they earn. Reward Certificates are distributed to all eligible Rewards members once a month. Additional points will remain in members' accounts, building toward the next 1000 points. Reward Certificates expire 180 days from date of issue.

How do I use my Reward Certificates?

Members receive email notification when their Reward Certificates are available. Rewards members can then redeem one or more certificate on future Furniture Row purchases. Reward Certificates may not be used as a "credit" on previous purchases.

Is there flexibility on when Reward Certificate can be awarded?

Monthly distribution is an automated database process that involves all transactions for all members. Therefore, individual members cannot receive Reward Certificates before this process nor request that the process be delayed.

How do I know how many points I have?

You can login to to view your Rewards accounts or visit your local Furniture Row where your sales representative can bring up your account for review.

What's my username?

Your "Username" is the phone number that you provided when you first enrolled. If you made a purchase on the day you enrolled, this would also be the phone number on your invoice.

How do I set up my account?

When you first attempt to log in, you will be directed to click the "Send" link. This will automatically send an account verification email to the address on file. From here, you can set up your personal password for future use. Account access is generally available the day following your in-store enrollment, but may be up to two days due to Holidays.

How do I make sure new purchases add points to my account?

Your Rewards member account is linked to your phone number. Therefore, every sales invoice that references that phone number and your name will earn you Reward Points. Should you get a new phone number, contact the Rewards Help Desk to have your account updated.

What if I don't have my Reward Certificate email with me when making a purchase?

Reward Certificates are linked to your phone number. Just reference the same phone number you used when enrolling in R@FR. Your sales representative can look up your account and apply any earned Reward Certificates to your purchase.

What is the Birthday Bonus and how to I get it on my account?

R@FR members receive an additional 500 Birthday Bonus points when a qualifying purchase is made within their birth month. Eligible once per year, and not in the month you initially enroll. For new members, just provide a birth month when you enroll. Existing members can log into the account and choose 'Update Profile' to add their birth month.

How will I receive notifications about Rewards at Furniture Row?

Providing a contact email when you enroll ensures you will receive timely notification of Reward Certificates, Birthday Bonuses, etc.

Still have questions?

No Problem, we are here to help. Give us a call or send an email:
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