DreamFit Premium Comfort Rich Performance Bamboo Sheets

DreamFit Premium Comfort Rich Performance Bamboo Sheets

By DreamFit SH-DFSAD5Q

$16916999.0 - $18918999.0 169.99

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DreamFit Premium Comfort Rich Performance Bamboo Sheets

By DreamFit

$16916999.0 - $18918999.0



DreamFit Premium Comfort Rich Performance Bamboo Sheets

Have Foundation Questions?

No Problem. We Can Help!

Standard Foundation

The 9" of steel modular Standard Set Foundations are used for our standard mattress sets to provide the ultimate support and durability.

Low Profile Foundation

The Low Foundation uses 5 ½" of a steel modular foundation to set the mattress at a more comfortable height for greater ease of getting in and out of bed.

Mini Foundation

To keep the mattress from sagging between slats on platform beds, we suggest using our 2 ½" hardwood Mini Foundations.

Ergo & Adjustable Bases

These Ergo or Adjustable Foundations are made for ultra flexibility, moving up or down under your head and knees for a customized sleep experience.

Space Base

A 14" tall platform frame supports the mattress directly while also providing extra storage underneath the bed.

Split Queen Foundation

Is a Stanard Foundation (see above) split in two for moving into your home with tight spaces, hallways or staircases.

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DreamFit Premium Comfort Rich Performance Bamboo Sheets

Fits Like a Dream

The World's Strongest & Best Fitting Sheet "Guaranteed to Fit" and "Guaranteed to Stay On."

You can actually pick up your mattress by the DreamFit fitted sheet and it won't slip off. Try that with your current fitted sheet!

Finally, sheets that Fit great, Feel great and Look great, that's DreamFit!

Patented DreamFit construction ensures that you will never have to lose another night's sleep due to an improperly fitting sheet. The super strong elastic binding guarantees the same great fit on a regular mattress all the way up to the thickest pillow top. The patented strap design guarantees that the DreamFit sheet will stay on any depth mattress, even with the addition of feather beds, mattress pads, or foam.

Extra Wide/Extra Long Flat Sheets & Pillowcases. DreamFit sheets will fit your mattresses snugly. Generous, oversized, hand cut cloth provides a perfect fit for any mattress thickness. The oversized flat sheet assures the sides and foot of the top sheet will remain tucked. The oversized pillowcases accommodate the new plump pillows on the market today.

Made in the USA with Old World Craftsmanship to assure the highest quality. DreamFit uses twice the stitching per inch compared to the cheap imitations. Custom quality, hand sewn, lock stitch sewing prevents threads from unraveling for maximum sustained quality.

All DreamFit sheets are domestically crafted and finished. DreamFit uses a wrinkle resistant finish. The wrinkle resistant finish dramatically reduces shrinkage while retaining cloth color. DreamFit pill resistant finish reduces pilling and fuzzing.

You can't wash the look, fit or feel out of DreamFit sheets!

Additional Information

1 Fitted Sheet
1 Flat Sheet
2 Pillow Cases


5 Degree (Bamboo):
70% Bamboo, 30% Cotton for ultra luxurious comfort.
Satin Piping on the top sheet and pillowcases add a touch of luxury.
True 4 × 1 Sateen Weave enhances the feel and luster of DreamFit sheets while adding durability.
Better feeling, longer lasting comfort.

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